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A Look at the Links Out East

The Hamptons offer pristine beaches, quaint stores, designer boutiques, antique shops, wineries and four-star dining. But for those who like to spend their time on the back nine, Long Island's East End is a golfer's paradise with close to 20 golf clubs – private and public courses – to choose from. 


Whether you are a thrill seeker or someone looking for a winter activity that exudes luxury, there’s no better way to get active than hitting the slopes this winter. From mogul masters to bunny hill cruisers, there are lots of tips, tricks and facts for your stay and play on the slopes this year. 
Originally, skis were created with wooden planks preserved in peat bogs in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Russian ski fragments have been dated back to 8000-7000 BC. We’ve come a long way, baby.


Tennis is considered to be one of the world's most universal sports that can be played by just about anyone, any age, any time of year. If you are new to the game or just looking to improve your skills, one of Long Island's top coaches believes the benefits of playing go far beyond just the physical. 

Hunter's Moon Farm

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 A State-of-the-Art Training and Riding Facility in the Heart of Muttontown 




Since its inception, horses and trainers from Hunter's Moon Farm have been competing locally on Long Island as well as in nationally rated competitions throughout the country. For the past six years, the Muttontown farm has had a prominent presence in the Hampton Classic and 2012 was no different with 25 horses competing in the weeklong Bridgehampton event. 

Grand Prix Coming to New Jersey in 2013



Formula One racing will – for the first time next year – take to the streets of New Jersey. Considered the fastest and perhaps most high-tech form of auto-racing in the world, the Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial is set to run through Weehawken and West New York over the next decade, beginning in June 2013. 



Multi-sport endurance competitions - like the recent Gold Coast Triathlon - are becoming increasingly popular for athletes and aspiring athletes of all ages. More often than not the decision to participate is made on a whim and before you know it, another athlete hooked on the adrenalin rush and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with having achieved the seemingly unachievable is born. This is why the triathlon may arguably be the fastest growing sport in the world.


The exact origins of polo are shrouded in ancient history, but it is arguably the oldest team sport of record. The historic Meadowbrook Polo Club was founded in 1877 and incorporated in 1881, which makes it the oldest active polo club in the United States, and one of the oldest in the world. Its spectacular center is Hickox Field in the heart of Old Westbury.
Polo, the "Game of Kings,” vastly popular in the 20s and 30s, has recently resurged as an exciting and challenging sport and pastime for many. Attend a single match and you will understand the attraction this powerful and elegant game has over the minds and souls of riders and spectators alike.

The North Shore of Long Island is home to a number of superb public golf courses. Even if one does not belong to one of the many exclusive private clubs like Deepdale or The Creek, on a slow day these well maintained public courses could make you feel like you do - minus the club sandwich and dirty martini at the half-way house. 

Golfers are not on these pristine public courses to conduct business or show off the newest irons; they are here only because they love to golf, socialize with fellow golfers and perhaps wager a friendly bet.
Christopher Morley Golf Course, a large recreational facility just north of the L.I.E. on Searingtown Road, was named after the famous author and poet who lived most of his life in Roslyn Estates. In fact, Mr. Morley’s writing cottage ‘Knothole’ was moved to the park, where it may be visited by the public. This nine-hole, par-30 Executive Golf Course is small and well maintained. Not too challenging, it is perfect for the beginner or out of practice golfer who wants to dust of those clubs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 
Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington, the latest addition to the Nassau County Golf Courses, is situated on the rolling hills of an abandoned sand mine and was designed by world famous architect Dr. Michael Hurdzan of the golf-design firm Hurdzan/Fry. Hurdzan/Fry ‘The golfers in our area are indeed lucky’have designed over 250 golf courses including Erin Hills in Wisconsin, the site of the 2017 U.S. Open. Dr. Hurdzan is considered an environmental architect because he famously transforms wasteland and difficult terrain into environmentally sound, spectacular courses. He does this in a very affordable and non-intrusive way, working with what nature and the location provides. So successful was his design at Harbor Links, that it has been elected to be the 29th Audubon International Signature Sanctuary.
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