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15 Apr

RB Shore Development Top Long Island Builders`

R.B Shore Development has upheld a tradition of excellence in the luxury home market for over 50 years. Started in 1946, their vast knowledge and experience has grown this family business into what it is today.

Every project is ensured quality, value, and service, no matter how large or small. Robert Beer, owner of R.B. Shore Development,  possesses a superior understanding of their clientele, and their vision for their home. Customer satisfaction is achieved by R.B. through an expert team of architects, designers, suppliers, and sub-contractors. Their devotion to their clients insures satisfaction throughout the building process.

R.B. is proud of their reputation in providing passionate attention to every detail, whether you are building your home from the start, or upgrading your existing residence.

Our very own Long Island’s Gold Coast is synonymous with some of the most luxurious homes today. Growing up on the North Shore, Robert Beer was taught the business under the watchful eye of his grandfather and mentor Morris Sosnow. Robert started from the ground up, working in the field, loading trucks, doing carpentry work, and mastering “All the tricks of the trade.” With this kind of intensive early training, Robert can provide his clients with expert project execution. There are very few builders around today that have the capability to build a home from, as Robert states, “From soup to nuts.” Robert is also devoted to keeping ahead of the curve, on top of current trends, including energy efficiency, insulation, cutting edge cabinets, style, and paint colors. He is proud of his company’s unparalleled commitment to design.

Robert’s grandfather, Morris Sosnow started Birchwood Park Homes over 50 years ago. He built East and West Birchwood in Jericho, The Towers at Waters Edge in Bayside, and numerous high-rises in New York City. When the company was bought out by Kimco, Robert went on to start his own organization, R.B. Shore Development. Robert feels that his grandfather is looking down on him with admiration, and proud of the way he has upheld the family legacy. Beer is sentimental about his grandfather. “What inspired me to do what I do today was all about my grandfather. I looked to him with all the admiration and respect anybody could ever have.”

Beer reflects back to 2005, when he was building two homes a year. Built on a reputation of predictable excellence, he now builds ten or twelve high end, custom homes a year on the North Shore of Long Island, spanning from Great Neck, Roslyn, and the Brookvilles, to Huntington,  and even the Hamptons.

R.B. buys homes, tears them down and rebuilds on the property. They also buy homes in need of a complete restoration. Some of the homes are built, “on spec”. According to Beer, “They are sold before the roof goes on.” Known for their meticulous quality of craftsmanship, R.B. has built an enduring client base. Many of their customers come by word of mouth. Their high level of expertise, bolstered by their commitment to customer satisfaction have made their homes in high demand. The importance of building relationships along with building homes defines R.B. as one of Long Island’s premier builders.
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