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17 Sep

Stirring the Senses and Shaking Up the Bar With the Cocktail Architect


























Yusef Austin is one of New York City’s most distinguished alchemists. Possessing an innate passion for inventing sublime and original concoctions never before seen, he is a cocktail historian and revolutionary rolled into one, reveling and redefining the techniques of a bygone era.  Bespoke combinations of bitters, herbs, spices, tinctures and syrups imaginatively designed to suit each guest’s whims are significant indicators that the ‘cocktail revival’ is making tremendous advances in the events industry. 
Working closely with celebrity event planner and close friend Colin Cowie, Yusef has taken this concept to new heights and created an infallible niche for himself. The secret to Yusef’s delectable success is simple: experimenting with ingredients and flavors to make for a more personalized and surprising experience. Creating unique flavor combinations to pique one’s curiosity keeps Yusef on the cutting edge of his industry and ensures that his clients keep coming back for more. From corporate events to private celebrity functions, weddings and soirees around the globe, Yusef has built successful client rapports with the likes of Tom Ford, Todd English, Neiman Marcus, Frapin and Naeem Khan, to name a few. Recognized by media heavyweights Details, Vanity Fair and Gotham, Yusef’s cocktails are the essence of a real and pure celebration. 
Having traveled extensively as a child, Yusef is no stranger to the exotics. He had a passion for cooking at a young age and it seemed he was destined to be in the culinary industry, even though his dream was to become an architect. After moving to New York City from his hometown in Pennsylvania, Yusef worked as a bartender to make ends meet. Years later, after continuous hard work and determination, he is now known as the Cocktail Architect. He believes that a great cocktail is built, not poured. Just as a gourmet chef creates a meal from conceptualization to execution, combining all the necessary components to ensure a quality product, Yusef takes a similar approach. “After understanding my client’s needs and desires, I source all the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices from a farmer’s market and begin to infuse teas, dehydrate and make garnishes - it is a very involved process,” he describes. The final product is nothing short of spectacular.
He is currently working on cocktail designs and fragrance pairings where his clients are taken on a sensory journey with a ‘bespoke flight tasting’ program, matching cocktail notes with exotic niche scents. “In my search to create a lifelong journey about spirits and what makes them amazing to drink, I seek style, taste, color, smell and craftsmanship. Effortless elegance is my motto,” Yusef explains. His wife, Nandini Austin, helps facilitate the sales and marketing end of the business. With a strong background in hospitality management, she is adept at generating new concepts and unique event ideas while developing a global client base. Together they have developed a distinctive concoction of artistry and business acumen that ensures a very strong future for the couple. 
The Cocktail Architect offers services ranging from cocktail creations and demonstrations to menu planning, bar management and events consulting. Whatever the occasion, Yusef will not fail to surprise you! For further information call 646-334-1734 or visit www.thecocktailarchitect.com or www.yusefaustin.com. Email inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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