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18 Jul

Ohmigod! Cookies Baked with a Heart


It is a known fact that some of the best cookie recipes are also the simplest; as the Norwegian proverb goes “Cookies are made with butter and love.” In essence this is true, but what is the recipe for a perfect cookie? A very generous portion of love, passion, fortitude and consistency blended together with all the best ingredients, resulting in a fool-proof formula that will always stand the test of time?  Now we’re talking. 
Matthew Mazzeo used this very recipe to create Ohmigod! Desserts back in 2007 and years later has expanded his company into one of the most successful line of cookies that will have you uttering the almighty phrase time and time again. 
The secret to its success began at home. What started as a simple coffee cake recipe that Matthew used to bake with his father has turned into an unstoppable force of love and determination. Matthew’s father passed away when he was just 11 years old and Matthew became resolute to carry on his legacy. A huge part of the success of Ohmigod! Cookies can be attributed to Matthew’s loving mother, Melony. With a strong desire built out of pure devotion for her son, Melony has helped the business grow to new heights, as she continually researches new ideas, recipes and playfully names each cookie perfectly.
I had the pleasure of meeting Melony and Matthew at their home, where I indulged in their mouthwatering delights. Every solitary bite had me yearning for more, like a child in a candy store. I didn’t quite know where to begin and when to end this confectionary feast! With names like “Raspberry Madness” (small Linzor tortes), “Over the Rainbow” (moist, multi-colored almond cake layerd with raspberry jam) “Oatrageous” (oatmeal cookies studded with juicy raisins) and “Coconut Kisses” (coconut covered in dark chocolate), to name a few – I discovered the gates into cookie heaven. 
Every single cookie is hand-baked and packaged with the signature black and white ribbon hand-tied around each container. It is this attention to detail, combined with the love of mother and son, that has insured a strong, exciting future for Ohmigod! Cookies. 
If you haven’t already tried these amazing creations, go out and buy a box today!
Ohmigod! Cookies are sold in stores all over Long Island and in New York City. Visit the website www.Ohmigod.com for pricing, store locations and products, or call Melony Mazzeo at 516.742.4679.

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