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From the Publisher

July is the month for fireworks, barbecue and the Hamptons! And it’s my favorite time of year. We are so proud of this month’s edition with our high-level design, our fashion content, our intriguing cover story and all the best places in the world to visit–we’ve got your needs covered.

March into March! The air is getting warmer and our pages are even hotter! 

Publisher''s Note

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25A has become Long Island’s fastest growing magazine with its popularity and new advertisers in each issue. What a great feeling to hear so many people compliment our content and aesthetics! 

I’d like to open this issue with a grand thank you to you, our faithful readers, for the response we at 25A

have received in regard to our magazine. In fact, due to that response, I’m proud to be able to announce

that 25A will be increasing its publication from four to 10 issues a year beginning this month. We have a

packed editorial lineup with some great features appropriate to every season and holiday and articles to

make every day special.

With February comes Valentine’s Day, which means that romance is in the air!This issue is fi lled with

romantic getaways (both near and far), beauty tips, bridal traditions and fashions, and lots of titillating ideas

to make Valentine’s Day last all month.

We are excited and honored to have the very beautiful Kiera Chaplin grace this issue’s cover. As the

granddaughter of legendary Charlie Chaplin and great-granddaughter of Nobel Laureate Eugene O’Neill

and daughter of recording engineer and fi lmmaker Eugene Chaplin it’s no wonder that Kiera is carrying

on the family legacy of performing arts but make no mistake, she stands quite capably on her own with

unique and spirited attributes that make Ms. Chaplin her own person. Kiera has a hand in several facets of

the arts and adds her own spark of individuality and beauty to everything that hand touches.

As always, in 25A you’ll fi nd information on local events and celebrities that make the Gold Coast the place

to be, to see and to be seen.

Have a very happy Valentine’s Day and let’s send winter out with warmth and love.



Chase Backer


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