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25 Jun

Mabley Handler Designs


A Haven of Peace...Mother Nature's Palette
When it comes to Hamptons-style living, nothing is better than the real thing. Mabley Handler Interior Designs has been designing for more than 20 years; 11 of them have been in the great nautical environs of the Hamptons on eastern Long Island, N.Y. Designer duo Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler of Mabley Handler Interior Design use a natural and simplistic technique to form any style home into a fresh and serene sanctuary. 
The overall design featured throughout each project possesses a common “be at peace” theme. Certain shades of whites and off-whites, blues, greys and beiges provide the relaxing and soothing accents of Mother Nature. Using a mineral palette to imitate the soft and natural elements of sand, water and sky, subtle tones of green add to the allusion of the ocean’s sea foam hues. 
The purpose of any home is to create a relaxed haven. Since height adds openness, high ceilings in older homes that resemble the classic farmhouse or a historical barn, for example, evoke these classic and comfortable elements of Hamptons architecture, especially in specific rooms, such as the great room or the kitchen. However, keeping a low ceiling in the dining room, for instance, adds an intimate touch to the motif of the spacious adjacent rooms. 
Most people would consider this look to be that of a vacation-style home, but, realistically, owners should feel relaxed whenever they come home. The beauty of living within this holistic atmosphere is that one can experience the therapeutic retreat of a summer day, every day, even in the dead of winter. 
One of the biggest challenges a designer has is how to appropriately employ the many shades of white. Creating a contrast among the subtle tones of whites and off-whites will display a harmonious and fresh ambiance to create the sensation of the luxurious beach life.
Alternatively, inspirational splashes of color can enhance interest to any room, whether through the texture of the fabric or the finish of a metal product, such as silver or pewter. This color technique of a room’s accessories adds dimension and depth — these are the extra touches that complete the room. Furthermore, the careful introduction of furniture for each room should encourage comfort in its style while possessing attractive, clean lines. Fresh and airy designs such as the ones noted should ramble elegantly and fluidly throughout the home, allowing homeowners and their guests to drop their shoulders and exhale upon entrance. 
Master bedrooms can elucidate tranquility levels. Balancing a steady shade of gray with a white contrast can amplify the walls and windows within the room. The bed and its dressings should be the center focal point, infusing the room with calming and soothing energy. Tying it all together with wooden end tables with mirror complements and a matching bed bench give an effortless effect of your restful haven.
 Finally, accentuating décor with a unique piece of artwork, a sophisticated glass coffee table, sparkly, dangling light fixtures, or even a natural beach item, such as driftwood or shells, will toss in that extra bit of flair and integrity to the décor. What is pleasing about this clean and natural style of interior design is that the rooms appear larger. In other words, if your home is not the size you would like, styling the rooms in this fresh and simple manner will make it appear more spacious and open … and always inviting. 
Visit http://www.mableyhandler.com for more information and exciting design ideas. 
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