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Cosmic Love

Written by Published in Poems


Just thinking about you
brings a smile to my face.
You touch me without contact.
Like a magic magnet
I feel you pull me near.
It seems a strange fact
that we're together,
even when you're not here.
Have we loved in other times?
Have we dreamed together?
Were our past lives intertwined?
Will our future destiny cross eternal lines?
Someday when all the universe is in harmony,
our love song will still reverberate around the cosmos.
Loving you for who you are,
and who you used to be,
across the lines of space and time
for all eternity.

Retirement Plan

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While on a cruise ship not long ago,
I noticed an old woman that the crew seemed to know.
They all paid attention to her and made such a fuss,
that I thought she couldn’t be like the rest of us.
Perhaps she owns the cruise ship I thought,
or maybe the shipping company she bought.


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Some of us were raised by biological mothers,
adopted families nurtured others,
or family members and women from the neighborhood
gave you loving attention when they could.

Chocolate Sins

Written by Published in Poems
Research has shown that chocolate has got
a lot of the substances found in pot.
I wonder if that's the reason why
I get high from chocolate pie?


The holiday season of Dickens’ time
evokes an image most sublime.

The Grim Reaper

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A miserly man lay in a hospital bed.
The nurse heard him as to his wife he said,
“I am near death, I am not getting better,
please follow my last wishes to the letter.

Castle of Dreams

Written by Published in Poems


When I was a girl around the age of ten
I saw a photograph that has haunted me since then.
A castle reflected in a lake, near mountains capped with snow.
Mysterious and magical, where it was I didn’t know,
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