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07 Jul

Donna Bernstein A Passion for Horses

Donna Bernstein A Passion for Horses Tom Stewart Photography
Combining her talent for classic modern art, Donna Bernstein strikes viewers with the beauty that the horse entails. A New York native, Ms. Bernstein paints with subtle, serene colors combined with pulsating power with the horse as its accent.

After watching and admiring these beautiful animals for most of her life, she uses the compassion that she feels for them and spreads it into the hearts of her audience. Distinctively, dripping mixtures of acrylics, water-based inks and pigments to create her vision she has achieved a name in the luxury art world. Her art can be seen in international magazines and books of equestrian fine art. She truly has won the world over with her wondrous skills of imagery and evoking electric emotion for equine art.

Donna makes her home out west - between Scottsdale, AZ and McCall, ID. The West serves as a backdrop for her imagination; she creates contemporary art, paintings and sculpture, as well as painting live at events and fundraisers in support of equine issues, most notably horse racing.  This July she debuts her modern horse-inspired art to the Hamptons. She frames her unique work as apart from the typical portraiture of “horse art” by stating that she is about art first and horses are the classic, eloquent muse that inspires the vibrancy and fluidity of her work. She calls her work “Urban Equines” in an attempt to make this differentiation. In that way, she maintains her work as highly original and curatorial.

Her paintings invite the viewer and contemporary collector to "come along for the ride,’ which both the ancient and modern horse has always afforded us, without being overly representational. Setting her horses in such lovely scenes on her canvas she raises awareness for the horses popularly coming up in the news in some unfortunate ways; and especially with the Triple Crown, there is a lot of conversation around these animals such as issues of slaughter, wild horse extinction through BLM practices, etc. Through raising awareness for the issues horses face, she celebrates the animal’s beauty.

Dreaming and drawing horses for as long as she can remember Donna has an intimate familiarity with the equine form. Her work is an experience of their nature, her imagination and memory visualizing as she creates. Intuitive, spirited, authentic she works freely, without over-planning. Her horses appear as if from the clouds and nature itself, part of the earth and beyond. “In contemporary beauty we inspire, to live freely in the present moment, intimately connect, and feel the powerful positive life force all around us. The emotive, subtle energy of the horse does that for me.” Mixing mediums briskly and uniquely, her work resembles no other. “When every moment provides endless possibilities, in my work I try to express an artistic opportunity to step into one’s own power, emerge triumphantly, and leave that mark on the world around me.” In her art she reinvents the classic equine as a timeless subject in a signature, modern, minimalist style fully realized as statement art, generally life size. After all, the very first "luxury” item in the history of man was the horse.
Every year in Louisville, Kentucky two nights before the annual Derby there is an event called Ferdinands Ball. This party is know as a #partyforthehorses because all proceeds support the Old Friends Equine Retirement Farm. Director Michael Blowen invites
Ms. Bernstein as a special guest for the evening. Every year she paints live at the event and donates all of her art. Triple Crown Jockey Victor Espinoza and hall of fame jockey Gary Stevens attended this past year. Gary Stevens purchased the piece Donna painted that night.

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