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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then luscious lashes are the accessory du jour. Summer means lightening up on your cosmetic products while at the same time flaunting a great pair of flutters. From the intense dark fringe of the Kardashian sisters, to fresh-faced Gwyneth Paltrow who says she never leaves the house without curling her lashes and applying mascara, your hot weather beauty routine means looking flawless with a killer wink and a smile.
Red Hots Spa 
1512 Old Northern Blvd.Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 484-8267
For a carefree way to stay chic in the heat, eyelash tinting suits the season by giving lashes a darker look sans mascara. The process takes between 25 – 45 minutes and lasts 3 - 7 weeks depending on your lash growth and summer activities (pool, sun, etc.)
According to Elaine Bezold, founder and creative director of The Spa at Red Hots in Roslyn, clients feel tinting is an essential step for withstanding the summer humidity and escaping the dreaded “panda” eye. 
The chemical-free, veggie-based formula used at Red Hots is available in hues ranging from brown to the darkest black. On trend this season is a blue-black shade, which helps to brighten the white of the eye, and color can be customized to the individual. “What’s right for a soccer mom may be different for a socialite”, said Bezold.
Bezold suggests arriving to appointments with super clean lashes and encourages clients to multi-task by scheduling to have a manicure or foot massage while their lashes are being dyed. 
Cost for Tinted Lashes: $35.00
FAV PRODUCT:  Jan Marini Lash Eye Lash Conditioner $125.00
A-Listers are buzzing about the eyelash extension services offered at Manhasset's nuBest Salon.  A full set of glamorous synthetic lashes will leave you with some serious, show-stopping eyes. nuBest spokesperson Richard Piana says that it is best to work with an experienced “lashologist.”   He also recommends coming in freshly showered since post-extension, clients must avoid any water near the eye and hot steam for two days.  The process takes two hours as individual lashes are applied on a hair-by-hair basis to your own lashes to extend their length and thickness. The end result is major volume with an added bonus – mascara is no longer necessary. Stock up on face cleansing wipes and avoid eye makeup removers and creams anywhere near the lash line. The lashes can last up to two months, depending on lash growth cycle and care with touchups recommended every 3-4 weeks.
Cost for Full Glamour Lashes: $280.00; 
Cost for Touchups: $150.00
FAV PRODUCT:  Shiseido Pureness Refreshing Cleansing Sheets, Oil-Free $18.00
If you’re not quite ready to brave a salon treatment, try going faux. You can achieve a dramatic, starry-eyed look, courtesy of Beauty Bar at Americana Manhasset without a long-term commitment. Individual lashes can be used on the outer corner only for a natural looking lift to the eye or, for extra pop, go all out with a full set of Japonesque lashes. The length of stay on your lashes can also be customized. For a night-out, a temporary adhesive can be applied so that lashes can easily be removed at the end of the evening. A long weekend calls for a long-wearing adhesive that will last approximately three days or until the lashes fall off. The process takes about a half-hour. It’s best to have your full-faced makeup look complete before the application, including your mascara. Or if you want to try it yourself at home, Beauty Bar also sells Ardell strips for $25.00
Cost for Full Set: $30.00
Half Set: $25.00
FAV PRODUCT:  Trish McEvoy Thickening Mascara $30.00
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